About Us

Jha catering service was brought around by the legends of cookery and authentic Bihari food since the 1970s. It was started by Punit Jha, who took his chops from his elder brother Bachha Jha, who was into providing authentic Bihari cuisine to the most respected families in Bihar. Bachha Jha, inherited it from elder brother Ram Kalit Jha, The man who started it all in the late 70's and became a household favorite name for his authentic Bihari cuisine.

As the demand grew for multi cuisine food at events and ceremonies, Punit Jha, being a cook himself, understood the rising need for multi cuisine food and made variety a point in his menus. Jha caterer and company evolved and expanded to cater not just Bihari food but Chinese, Italian, continental, Russian and Mexican. We have 25+ years of experience serving multi cuisines food and sometimes to even 1000+ plus guests. We know precision as well as scale. We know that the most important thing at your ceremonies is the food and we never forget that in our preparation.

Nevertheless, we realize that the decoration, lights, effects, and theme are as important as other things, Keeping that in mind, we have partnered with many theme based banquet halls, the oldest in the flower decoration, and experts from today’s times for lighting work.

Our endeavor to satisfy your taste buds continues with a gen-z touch to our legacy. We have grown beyond conventions and typical marriage menus.