Wedding And Reception catering Service By Jha Caterers And Company

Wedding And Reception catering by Jha catering service Patna.

Weddings are made in heaven………..

But heavenly food is made in the kitchens of Jha caterers. If you are reading through this, you have a marriage coming soon to you. It is a no brainer that you want to get the food right in that marriage. From a tasty snack to Dal makhni or Shahi chicken with naan, we feel that urge.

We know the feeling before you ask for food and the feeling you want after eating that food.

With Jha caterers, you can select your choices from a menu containing more than 300+ options. The menu contains, Vegetarian Non - vegetarian, Seafood, continental, italian, Authentic bihari cuisine, Russian and chinese.

Some dishes all our customers have wanted in marriages are dal makhani, chicken korma, mutton korma, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, lachha paratha, dal makhni, We are just sharing with you. You can always choose from over 300 choices in Jha Caterers menu.

Our catering services are as competitive as anybody else, but we not only have an edgy pricing over our competitors, we take food very seriously and put our heart into it.

At Jha Caterers, we are invested in you and we would love to spare time to understand your food and mood. We want to cater to not just your guests, we cater to what we stand for.

Blissful taste is a form away. Let us know your details, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.